Arcade Legends 3

Arcade Legends 3


Actual Size: 31" W x 47" D x 72" H

DescriptionArcade Legends 3 is a full sized arcade game for the home, featuring a full sized cabinet, commercial quality arcade controls and a 26" LCD display. The greatest collection of Arcade Games ever amassed! The huge collection of Arcade Legends games plus all 29 award winning Golden Tee Fore! Complete courses, all in one cabinet. 130 games in total!

Some games include:

10-Yard-Fight™ Alpine Ski™ Anteater™(1982, Stern Armored Car™(1981, Stern) Battle Chopper™(1987, Irem) Battle Road™(1984, Irem) Battlezone®(1980, Atari) Berzerk™(1980, Stern) Bubble Bobble®(1986, Taito) Calipso™(1982, Stern) Cameltry™(1989, Taito) Centipede®(1980, Atari) Cheyenne™(1984, Exidy/Kauffman) Clay Pigeon™(1986, Exidy/Kauffman) Combat™(1985, Exidy/Kauffman ) Crack Shot™(1987, Exidy/Kauffman ) Crime City™(1989, Taito) Crossbow™(1983, Exidy/Kauffman) Crystal Castles®(1983, Atari) Dragon Breed™(1989, Irem) Elevator Action®(1983, Taito) Fax™(1983, Exidy/Kauffman) Final Blow™(1988, Taito) Food Fight™(1983, Atari) Frenzy™(1982, Stern) Golden Tee Golf Gravitar®(1982, Atari) Great Swordsman®(1984, Taito) Kung Fu Master™(1984, Irem) Legend of Hero Tonma™(1989, Irem) Lunar Rescue™(1979, Taito) Minefield™(1983, Stern) Moon War™(1981, Stern) Mouse Trap™(1981, Exidy/Kauffman) Nastar(1988, Taito) Ninja Kids™(1990, Taito) Pirate Pete(1982, Taito) Rainbow Islands™(1987, Taito) Red Baron™(1980, Atari) Side Trak™(1979, Exidy/Kauffman) Space Duel™(1982, Atari) Space Invaders®(1978, Taito) Tropical Angel™(1983, Irem) Venture™(1981, Exidy/Kauffman) Warlords®(1980, Atari) Water Ski™(1983, Taito)

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